Sex Therapy North East

Psychosexual Therapy 

Most people will experience some kind of disruption in their sexual life at some point and most of these difficulties will resolve themselves. Some people need assistance in addressing their difficulties and this is when psychosexual therapy can be of use.


What will happen when I contact you?

If you are wondering whether or not you might have a sexual difficulty, or if psychosexual therapy can be of assistance to you, please contact me. I will offer you a free telephone consultation, of about 30 minutes, to help us to decide together whether psychosexual therapy might be useful to you. I will ask you to give me an outline of the difficulties that you experience and your current situation. We will then decide if we will proceed with therapy.


What will happen if I come for psychosexual therapy?

If you decide to come for psychosexual therapy there will be an assessment period, when I meet with you, for a few sessions, to build up a good picture of what the difficulties are and how they came about. If, at the end of that period, we agree that psychosexual therapy is appropriate we will start treatment. 


What does psychosexual therapy involve?

When we begin therapy, we will usually meet together weekly, for 50 minutes, in the therapy room. I will usually set you tasks to do, at home, to work towards the resolution of your difficulties. We will discuss your progress in the tasks, your relationship and other aspects of your life that might be affecting your sexual life. Although we will discuss, in some detail, aspects of your sexual activities, I will never ask you to undress or do anything sexual in the therapy room.

In addition to meeting weekly for therapy, you will be asked to put aside three, one hour sessions, during the week, on different days, to do the homework tasks.   


Do I have to be in a relationship?

Psychosexual therapy can be of use to you whether or not you are in a relationship and whether or not your partner wishes to attend. For some people, it is possible to alleviate their difficulties without needing to be in a relationship. Depending on the type of sexual difficulty that you are experiencing, the benefits that you receive from psychosexual therapy might be limited if you are not in a relationship, or if your partner does not wish to attend the therapy sessions. Everybody's circumstances are different and it is best to contact me and discuss your specific situation with me in confidence, in a free telephone consultation. 


Will it be confidential?

The therapy itself is always confidential. I keep secure and confidential notes of our sessions, for my own use, and these are destroyed 5 years after the therapy is complete. Unless you ask me to, I will not contact your G.P. or any other professionals. On rare occasions, someone might tell me that they are at risk of being hurt, or that they know of someone else who is.  Under these circumstances I have to act on this information. Almost always this is something that we can discuss at the time and I would always try to contact you to discuss it before acting as far as that is possible.